TopicsDate of ClassClass Name & Objectives
Executive Functioning Skills: The proficiency of these skills directly impacts school performance, money management, driving, finding/holding a job, etc. To help boost someone’s ability to get organized, resist peer pressure, resolve conflicts, manage a schedule, plan ahead, follow through and/or pay attention will find this series of classes beneficial as we share effective strategies that will help individuals reach their potential. Monday, May 1stSmart but Scattered: Obtain a fundamental understanding how executive functioning impacts everyday activities and how your parenting style impacts your child’s skill development. Plus, leave knowing your child’s strengths and areas of weakness
Monday, May 8thChildren age 4-13: Ready made plans will be shared to teach your child how to complete daily routines & how to properly handle anxiety and change of plans.
Monday, May 15thTeenagers: Lay the ground work for a teenager’s success by learning how to design results-oriented interventions and how to creatively address teenage resistance.
Monday, May 22ndSchool Accommodations: Explore evidence based strategies/supports to optimize a student’s school performance. This class is perfect for both parents & teachers.
Behavior Management: Are you frequently dealing with an individual’s meltdowns that include behaviors such as aggression, disrespectfulness, property damage, elopement, etc.? These classes are where theory/science meets reality. You will leave with hands-on skills, tips and new tools that you can begin to use immediately to help bring harmony back into your home.Thursday, May 4thRules of Behavior: Behaviors are learned & serves a specific purpose. You’ll learn how to identify the root cause of the behavior and implement interventions with fidelity.
Thursday, May 11thParent Empowerment: Regain confidence in yourself and your parenting skills. Learn ways to get attuned to your child’s needs and effectively respond to their needs.
Thursday, May 18thSibling Relationships: A child with behavior issues powerfully affects their sibling(s). Learn to avoid sibling bitterness/resentment & address the needs of all your children.
Thursday, May 25thYou Deserve a Break: Being a caregiver can be exhausting. Equip relatives & friends with the knowledge & confidence to maintain consistent rules/supports for your child.
Safety Management: It is critical to take the time to evaluate what your family member, with special needs, requires to be safe and protected during an emergency at home, at school and in the community. This series of classes will provide smart solutions to help avoid unfortunate situations. Monday, June 5thEmergency Preparedness & Response: Create a comprehensive & customized safety toolkit to ensure your family is properly prepared for an emergency
Monday, June 12thHome Sweet Home: Discover the basic principles of optimal color schemes, sensory friendliness and security/safety to create a tone of calmness & harmony in the home.
Monday, June 19thElopement & Wandering: Learn proactive strategies and tools to implement at home, school and the community.
Social Media:Kids have the knowledge to use technology and navigate the Web, but lack the wisdom of an adult’s experience to do so safely. This lack of wisdom can put a kid at risk of low self-esteem, cyber-bullying, technology addiction, etc. These classes will give you an inside view of the online world our children live in and valuable tools and strategies to help you connect with you child. Thursday, June 1stWhat is Social Media: Be educated on the social media children are using plus best practices, benefits, ‘hidden’ forms of social media and the overall impact on kids.
Thursday, June 8thEmpowerment: Learn how to create open lines of communication with your child to effectively prevent low self-esteem, cyber-bulling, social media addiction, etc.
Thursday, June 8thA Teenagers Viewpoint: The session will showcase the addictive nature and consequences of Social Media and provide tips to be proactive to mitigate the effects.
Thursday, June 22ndParental Controls: Effective ways to limit screen time, and access to various social media sites to protect your child’s social and emotional health.
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