Iowa State Fair…Nothing Compares!!

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We hope you enjoy your time at the fair this year! Read through our State Fair tips to make sure you and your child have a safe and fun fair experience.


  1.  Go early in the morning – there are less people and the temperature is cooler.
  2.  Consider going twice. Don’t have an all-day marathon at the fair… the heat, volume of people, and noise will overstimulate your child and are a recipe for a meltdown. Focus on doing the activities that the child will be engaged with and enjoy. Then, the second time you go to the fair, leave your child home and focus on you, your spouse and/or friends. This will allow you to enjoy activities that your child would not enjoy, such as the varied industries building, etc.
  3. Instead of using DART to get to the fair, it may be good to actually park at the state fairgrounds. This will allow you to have a speedy exit.
  4. Take a photo pf your child when you get to the fair – both a close up picture and a full body picture. You can provide this to authorities in the event they wander off. This will help to find your child more quickly.
  5. Plan out the activities your child will enjoy ahead of time. This will prevent back-tracking and will allow you to create a schedule to share with your child to help reduce anxiety.
  6. Bring plenty of snacks, drinks and fidgets.
  7. Set clear expectations on appropriate behaviors. Set rules on how much/what foods you will buy, how many rides they get, what souvenirs they can get, etc.  Be clear, set rules up-front and follow through. Consistently prepare the child with transitions as you go from activity to activity and get ready to leave.


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