Happy New Year from Mosaic Haven!

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It’s the New Year again and that means everyone’s favorite activity – New Year’s resolutions. Make your 2017 resolution the gift of enabling your loved one, that is facing autism and other related conditions, the opportunity to experience their full potential at home, at school and in the community.

Fulfilling this resolution is possible with Mosaic Haven, LLC. a new on-demand service for parents, by parent, with parents who will partner with you to bridge the services gap between where you are and where you wish to be in your journey.

With Mosaic Haven assisting you with your New Year’s resolution journey, here are 5 resolutions that you can confidently make and we’ll help you keep!!!!

  1. I will Strengthen my advocacy skills: As parents, our goal is to proudly observe our children achieving their personal best. This is achievable for all children, but for a parent of a special needs child it is imperative you are an effective advocate for your child. This includes identifying and pushing for the necessary resources and accommodations at home, at school and in the community. This can be challenging if you feel overwhelmed how to navigate the fragmented services or uninformed on your rights. Through personalized coaching services Mosaic Haven can increase your advocacy confidence drawing from own personal parenting challenges and experiences.
  2. I will routinely take time to disconnect from the daily chaos: As a caregiver to a special needs child receiving a break on a regular basis is essential to prevent health and stress issues. You may feel this is unrealistic because it is impossible to find a reliable, non-judgmental and knowledgeable support group that you can trust your child with. In fact, it is possible with Mosaic Haven’s personalized training services we will assist you in creating your own respite team which will allow you to feel confident that your child is safe and having fun while you take some well-deserved time for yourself.
  3. I will help my child improve their Executive Functioning skills: Planning, organizing, sustaining attention, flexibility and controlling emotions are a few executive functioning skills that children on the autism spectrum have difficulties with and can manifest into behavior issues and poor impulse control. Having your child master these skills is important to complete school work, properly socialize with peers and overall become a confident and independent individual. At Mosaic Haven we have countless strategies that are proven to strengthen children’s executive functioning skills.
  4. I will consistently utilize positive behavior interventions: Structure, routine, predictability, incentive programs and sensory solutions are key ingredients to manage power struggles, meltdowns and unmanageable behaviors with your child.   It may be hard to know how to begin to correct the vicious cycle of challenging behaviors. Mosaic Haven’s personalized coaching will help you create and implement day-to-day tools, creative solutions and support systems that will boost your confidence as a parent and allow you to begin observing positive behavior with your child.
  5. I will become more focused on the parent-child relationship: It is easy to be consumed with the endless doctor/therapy appointments, complex navigation of the system, research, documentation etc. Although you are doing all this work because you love your child, you are missing out on having fun as a family, making life-long memories and rejoicing on achievements no matter how big or small.   Mosaic Haven’s Personal Assistant Services can give you the opportunity to reconnect with your entire family. Our attention to detail and superior local knowledge enables us to deliver the very best with research, making appointments, organizing your documentation and much more.

Please contact us to begin your New Year’s resolution journey today with an initial consultation.

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