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Did you have a long day today? Yesterday? All week? Last week? Do you feel beat and running out of options to overcome the challenges you are facing or battles you are fighting? Are you about to give up? Well, if this sounds familiar to you, welcome to my world! Often times I feel exhausted and left with almost no strength to face the next minute! Life has a way of knocking us down…a few times, leaving us with feelings of inadequacy, defeat and a flat-out ‘give up’ attitude. So what do you do then?
Here’s what has worked for me…in the middle of it all, STOP! and start taking some deep breaths…breathe in with your nose, breathe out with your mouth….slowly and repetitively. And when you feel a little more relaxed, pull your thoughts together and start counting your blessings. Can you think of any right now? Let me help about your life? you are able to keep breathing, you are alive! Now it’s your turn, keep the list going, and be encouraged that you and I are in this journey together, there’s strength in numbers. So get up and keep moving, as we cheer each other on! Write to us and let us know how you managed to Always Get Up!
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